Melbourne Complete Plumbing also known as MCP is a father and son owned business with over 50 years of combined plumbing experience. Formally known as RA General Plumbing the company began working on residential homes specialising on complete plumbing installations and moving on to small commercial plumbing services. In 2010 the company was inherited by Leonardo Ruiz, a licensed plumber and with a diploma in Building Design and Technology (architectural design and drafting). Melbourne Complete Plumbing started with the vision to create a one stop shop company to provide clients with the complete package of plumbing services and more. MCP continued taking on jobs in the hospitality industry and working on some of Melbourne’s prestige restaurants and cafés.


MCP has built a reputation in the food (hospitality) industry becoming experts in commercial kitchen fit-outs.

By having a high understanding and knowledge of the building and construction codes, and an understanding of the strict requirements and expectations of the council and other authorities, MCP did not only provide the clients with the services required but we also began consulting clients with what their best options are when constructing their new restaurants and kitchens, and advising clients with all the relevant information they must take into account prior, during and after a project.


MCP has looked beyond to find new practical and affordable ways on how to provide the clients with exactly what they need. MCP believes in a system where to do the right job and deliver on time you need the right tools. We would like to underline that research and training plays a large role in our company, it helps us to have an innovative approach to our jobs and be open minded about new products, and making sure we achieve the clients specific needs and request at an affordable price. As a proud plumbing company and being in the game for a while we want to make sure we keep a high reputation and standard of workmanship in the construction and plumbing industry. At Melbourne Complete Plumbing we make sure our employees are trained and carry out any jobs according to Australian Standards and with the required safety precaution to ensure the safety of the public and workers are met. We take pride on our work and thrive on customer’s satisfaction, because that’s the recipe for guaranteed success.