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Getting a Gas Meter Installed

When doing a new gas installation and you are the consumer the first thing you must do, is decide which gas retailer you will use to provide you with gas. Once you have decided the retailer of your choice the next step is to locate the position where the gas meter will be installed NOTE: If you are in a property such as a shopping centre, multiple dwelling apartments or multiple shops in the same block you will find in most cases there is one designated location for all the gas meters, which means that all gas meter is connected to a manifold (a manifold is a series of pipe branches in which all the gas meters are connected to), If the location of the meter point is inside the property you can continue with the following steps below shown in point form. 

gas meter install

If your gas meter is located in a gas meter room or somewhere away from the property you will need to find out if there’s a gas line installed from the meter location to your property or if you have to install a new line. This is important because it will determined the cost of the gas installation from your plumber or whether the pipe is correct to be able to supply sufficient gas to the appliances you require (remember a plumber can assist you in locating any consumer pipeline). In most cases in these buildings it will have an already installed pipe line from the meter room/area to the property but don't always assume it does.


If there's no Gas meter point anywhere within the premises this will mean you will need to apply for a gas line tapping from the street main (connecting a pipe line from the main street gas pipe to your premises). This is organized by the retailer and will be at your cost. There’s a process involved which your retailer will explain to you.

  • The next step is to have a list of what gas appliances you will have installed and the Megajules Rating (MJ/Hr) of each appliance, this can be found on the appliances or your plumber can assist you.

  • By this stage you should be prepared to call your retailer and have the right questions and take note of the information given to you, this will make the process of the phone call a smooth one.  


  • When calling your retailer we recommend you ask the following questions:

  • If you require a street tapping, how much will it cost and how long will the installation process take?

  • If a street tapping is required, what are the responsibility of the plumber and the responsibility of the contractors doing the tapping when preparing for the tapping?

  • What is the available Gas pressure in the street?

  • What size gas meter will you require?

  • Once all this steps are completed, you can now begin the installation of your gas line which a licensed plumber must complete. Once the installation is completed according to Australian Standards, then the plumber will book an inspection appointment with ESV (Energy Safe Victoria) and if approved the plumber will be issued with a ESV No.

  • The Plumber will call your retailer and request the gas meter. Gas meter will take 3-5 working days, be aware that in some rare cases if there are no stock of meter available you can wait up to 2 weeks.


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